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Engineering Marketing Agency in Atlanta, GA

Whether you're looking to enhance your company's branding or revamp your current marketing strategy, FATSHARK Marketing is at your service. At our engineering marketing agency in Atlanta, Georgia, we offer an extensive selection of technical marketing services aimed at clients in more technical fields.

About Us

FATSHARK Marketing LLC is a full-service engineering marketing agency that offers a blend of traditional and technical marketing services throughout the Atlanta area. Backed by decades of hands-on experience, our technical marketing team has the skills to save you time and money while increasing brand loyalty. Thanks to our own technical background, you're never left explaining the more complex aspects of your job. Our technical marketing company understands your business from the start, which helps us deliver the best possible marketing services every time.


Whether you’re looking for corporate gifts or general small business marketing, we’re here to help. Drawing on years of experience, our team of marketing experts works with you to develop branding strategies, advertise new products, and launch full-scale marketing campaigns, all while keeping the more technical aspects of your business in mind.

Over the years, we’ve helped clients from an array of technical industries get the savvy, forward-thinking marketing support they deserve. Because of our team’s technical experience, we have a unique understanding of your branding and advertising needs. This allows us to go above and beyond at every step of the process. No matter what your ultimate goals entail, our team is by your side and eager to help you succeed.


With our wide-ranging set of skills, we’re able to assist you with absolutely every facet of marketing your products and services. From identifying your brand and conducting market research to media and web development, we do it all. We even handle product launch events, so you can successfully introduce new items to the market. If you’re looking for effective, results-driven marketing support tailored to your company’s needs, you’ve come to the right place.

Who We Serve:

  • All Marketing Clients
  • HVAC Industry – Cooling and HEATING
  • VRF/VRV New Technology
  • Building Industry
  • Contractors
  • Supermarket Display Cases
  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Food Service Equipment
  • Mission Critical Cooling
  • Computer Systems Cooling 
  • Energy Efficiency Clients

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